viernes, 17 de diciembre de 2021

Trabajo para programador Senior

Are you a Senior Software Engineer, freelance developer, or just a highly ambitious developer living outside the U.S.?
If you can check the following boxes, we might have a career-defining U.S. software job for you!
Ready to work 40 hours/week (8 hrs/day, Mon to Fri) with a U.S. software company.
Willing to spend 5 hours to clear our automated tests. (75% faster than traditional vetting)
Can overlap 4 hours a day with U.S. time zones. (the rest of your schedule is flexible)
Comfortable with communicating in English over video calls with companies that hire you.
Have 3 years of industry experience. (we relax this requirement if you are exceptionally skilled)
Benefits of applying for Turing:
No U.S. visa is needed, you’ll be working remotely.
High salary, long-term, full-time jobs with hassle-free monthly payments.
Collaborate and grow with the world’s most talented developers.
Jobs across 100+ software skills - front-end, UI/UX, back-end, full-stack, mobile, DevOps, AI, etc.
Jobs across levels - Software engineer (SWE), Sr. SWE, tech-lead, eng manager, etc.
No commissions, get your salary in full every month.
Ready to start?
1) Sign Up.
2) Upload your resume and create your profile.
3) Pass Turing's tests and interviews
4) Get matched to U.S. software roles!
About Turing:
Based in Palo Alto, California founded by Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan.
Founders Jonathan and Vijay moved to the U.S from India when they got accepted for the Computer Science program at Stanford. Being software engineers themselves, they realized how much their software career prospects improved merely as a result of relocating to Silicon Valley.
Turing’s mission is to make these opportunities accessible to exceptional and deserving engineers all over the world!
Today, we have matched Turing Developers from 50+ countries with remote jobs at our U.S. partner companies.


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